Friday, November 30, 2007

Spock people search

I hate it how hard it is to find friends on the countless social networking sites. My golf buddies use facebook, my brother uses myspace, my Mum uses Yuwie - when does it end. I have to be signed up to the many different sites to stay in contact with everyone. This is where the new people search website Spock comes into its own.

With Spock you can search for your friends, colleagues or family as well as your favorite golfer or other celebrity. You can search by name or tag (eg golfer, real estate agent, tax agent, rich,). I chose to search by tag and did a search for PGA tour. This found all of the worlds most popular golfers (Tiger being at the top of course) as well as some of the not so well known golfers. There were 992 results in total and I was very impressed! It even gave me some suggested searches and using this function I found the players on the European Tour. Scrolling through the many popular golfers I found that most had very well written profiles about their life and golfing achievements. You can even find the latest news articles about the person and pictures of that person (if they have been posted).

Spock differs from a social networking site, but profiles often have their myspace, facebook, wikipedia and other pages linked so you can find the person you are looking for. Spock also offers a messenging service to keep in contact. I searched my own name and I found three results - I can really see this being popular! Joining is simple and the site has a very slick easy to use feel about it. If you are looking for someone, trying to find information about a celebrity or just want to search for people then you really should visit Spock

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