Tuesday, November 20, 2007

PC Security Cameras

If you have ever been robbed you will know how important security for your house or business is. I lost my favorite set of golf clubs to a thief just before Christmas last year and even though they were covered by insurance it was a lot of hassle that I could have done without at that time of the year.

At the time I considered a security camera system, but most were too expensive or didn't have the features I wanted. However there is now a viable option for anyone wanting security cameras for their home or business these are called PC security cameras. These run from a dedicated home/business PC and the computer Hard Drive is used to store all the required video footage. Digitally recording the security footage has the added benefit of keeping the picture quality in top condition unlike a reused VHS tape that degrades over time.

If you provide the PC then these systems actually work out to be very affordable and are backed up with a two year warranty.

I can't help thinking if I had one of these installed last December they might have caught the guy who took off with my clubs.

If you are looking for top class video security protection and surveillance then it is well worth checking out the ezwatch store via the link below:
PC Security Cameras

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