Thursday, August 14, 2008

Woods won't even swing a club until next year

Tiger Woods said he's begun riding a stationary exercise bike, can't move fast enough to catch his 13-month-old daughter, and won't start swinging his golf clubs until next year.

Woods said things are getting a ``lot better,'' seven weeks after surgery on his left knee. He's also regained some weight after dropping 10 pounds since his June 24 surgery to reconstruct his torn anterior cruciate ligament.

My thoughts
With Tiger out of the action it gives others a chance, but there is always something hanging over players who win when Tiger is injured - "would they have won with Tiger playing?". We will never know.

Pool is my second favorite sport

Pool is one of my favorite sports (apart from golf of course) and I have been playing before I could actually reach the table. Dad would prop me up on a 44 gallon drum and I would play all day. Unfortunately for me it didn't translate into world beating success as an adult, but I still have just as much fun!

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