Monday, November 26, 2007

Golfers choice - Lucky or Good?

This is the age old question, would you rather be lucky or good? Personally I would choose good over lucky everyday, but on those rounds where I wish I was getting paid by the shot I would choose lucky. Now my reason for this is that sometimes a little bit of luck can turn a round into something special. The confidence from something amazing happening during your round can't be discounted.

So today I am asking all my readers the question:

Would you rather be lucky or good? (leave a comment with your choice)

Oh and one last thing - watch this video (it just might change your mind)


Bruce said...

Good video Tom. Wouldnt mind some luck like that.

I was playng with a mate who bounced off two trees and got a hole in one. No video evidence though.

Good blog. Cheers.

Tom said...

Thanks for the comment.

I have seen some crazy things on the golf course too, but most of them feature bad luck :-)

One memory that is burned into my head is when my brother tried to hit through the trees only to clip the closest tree, which rebounded the ball into his leg! He wont be doing that again any time soon