Friday, November 30, 2007


If you run a website, business, product or other venture you will no doubt be looking for advertising at some point. Finding places to advertise can be a real struggle early on as you try and work out the most profitable places to advertise. This is where an advertising marketplace can be a real advantage.

Myadbase is a UK based company that brings advertisers and publishers together so that you can find the perfect places to advertise your website, business, product or other venture. Registration is free and you will only be charged when you use the enhanced services and all prices and fees are fully disclosed before you are locked in to payment. The site itself is really well designed and a pleasure to use. I completed a quick search for golf I found 9 matches that would all be appropriate for a golf website, product or service.

Myadbase offers four different kinds of services:

  • Media database
  • Agency database
  • Freelance advertising
  • Custom Services
They have 7 media categories including business, consumer, new media, newspapers, out of home, radio, TV.

If you are looking for a place to advertise in the UK then it would be well worth a visit to Myadbase via the link below:
Advertising Media

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