Thursday, November 8, 2007

Dyson Vaccum Cleaner - Parts and Accessories

Dyson have made some great vacuum cleaners over the years and have recently revamped their website to include a new parts and accessories section. The new sections are much easier to use and I could find everything that I was looking for with ease.

You simply choose the type of vacuum cleaner that you have and then select the model. When you have done this you will be presented with all the parts and accessories that are available for your model. From here you can find out more details about the parts and accessories or make a purchase of a part or accessory you might need.

The range of accessories is very good and there is everything from replacement filters to a spare wheel for the vacuum cleaner - fantastic!

The new site design certainly works well and is well worth a look if you own, or are thinking of owning, a Dyson vacuum cleaner. If you are looking for vacuum cleaner parts or accessories then look no further visit the link below:
vacuum cleaner parts

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