Sunday, November 25, 2007

Digital Photo Frames

Digital Photo frames are officially a hot item this Christmas. I know because I bought one for my Mum and the line to get one was absolutely insane!

If you are wondering what a digital photo frame is then I will try to explain it. It is a LCD screen inside a photo frame that shows digital pictures. You simply put your SD card USB drive into the back and it plays your digital pictures in a slide show. They even come with a remote control! They are very cool and I have one on my office desk that scrolls through pictures of my family (and even my favorite golf course scenic shots.)

The best place to buy these seems to be online (if you want to avoid the lines and disappointment of missing out). The Aussie run site digitalframez is a fantastic website dedicated to digital photo frames and can be used throughout the world (they offer worldwide shipping). The site is really easy to use and is very well designed. The product range is excellent and I found what I was looking for in seconds.

If you are looking for a digital picture frame this Christmas or at any time of the year, you will want to check out digitalframez via the link below:
digital photo frame

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