Thursday, November 22, 2007

Garage Floors

My garage floor is a shambles. The concrete is cracking and the oil stains have ruined what was a nice place for me to hide and clean my golf clubs. Lets face it garages are a really important place for everyone they hold our golf clubs and even our golf buggies (if we are lucky enough to have one).

I have been looking for a solution to fix my garage problems and it looks like I might have found it. Car guy garage has solutions for all your garage needs including guarage flooring, storage solutions, workbenches and much much more. The garage flooring looks great and I will certainly be investigating these further.

If you are looking for anything for you garage then you will want to visit carguygarage via the link below:
garage flooring

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Garage Remodeling said...

I really like the fact that car guy garage has so many different types of storage units. I was wondering if the motorcycle came with the storage units and floor! That would be nice.