Monday, November 19, 2007

Payperpost review

Payperpost or PPP is basically a website that bloggers can use to find opportunities to get paid for blogging. I have been using it now for a couple of weeks and am really enjoying the opportunities. It is a fun yet easy way to make some pocket money. Hopefully enough to save up for those new ping golf clubs my pro shop has in stock!

The application process is easy and once you have applied you simply submit your blog for approval. Of course there are some entry requirements for your blog, but if you meet these then you are very likely to be accepted. Approval takes a few days and you will receive an email when your blog has been approved or rejected. If your blog is rejected then you will be given a reason why and an opportunity to fix the problems and resubmit at a later date!

Once your blog is approved you can start accepting opportunities and blogging straight away. There are many offers to choose from and you only have to write about the ones that you are willing to discuss on your blog. Once you have accepted an opportunity you simply write the post to the advertisers specifications (word length etc.), include the link and you are done. Then it is a matter of submitting the post to PPP and they will check it. Once the post is approved you will be paid in 30 days via paypal (the 30 days is to make sure you don't remove the post!)

If you own a blog or are thinking about blogging then it is definitely worth checking out PayPerPost via the link below:

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