Friday, November 16, 2007

Photo Blanket - Yes photos on a blanket!

Do you see the above picture? Do you believe what you see? Yes it is a picture of real photos on a real blanket.

When I first heard of this concept I was amazed. Your own photos on a blanket - amazing. Imagine the possibilities especially at this time of the year - grandma could have a blanket with her favorite grandchild, your son or daughter could have the coolest blanket made with their favorite picture for Christmas.

You can customize the blanket in many different ways and use many of your digital pictures. There are also many colors and sizes available.

The vision website website is well set up and easy to read. There is a fantastic section for frequently asked questions, which will help answer all those questions you might have like:
How long does it take to make the blanket
How many pictures can I use on my blanket
and many more.

You can even order your very own photo blanket online and the pricing seems very reasonable.

Now I know you are all asking where can I get one of these made...? Well I am going to tell you. Follow the link to get your own:
Photo Blanket

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