Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sports Videos

As a big fan of golf, and sports in general, I am always looking around for great sites with sports related content. I am interested in great sites that give me the news, scores and videos I am looking for. So far I have great resources for news and scores, but I have found great sports video sites to be lacking (youtube is alright, but many of the videos get deleted due to copyright restrictions). This is where SportsVids comes into the picture.

SportsVids is a new site featuring sports videos from all your favorite sports (yes, including golf!) and is poised to become one of, if not, the best sports related video sites on the Internet. I was impressed with the number of videos already available for such a new site and I found over 12 pages of football videos alone! They even have the video of one of my favorite golf moments of all time, which I will post up for everyone to see this week.

The site also includes basic sports news and scores so you can find everything at one central location. If you are into sports I recommend you try it out and if you like it sign up to comment and upload videos - it is completely free!


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ultimate golf game!

If you are a fan of golf games (like I am) you will have probably heard of the impending release of protee. A golf game for the computer (and eventually the wii), which allows you to play with real clubs and balls (optional). The following video gives a little glimpse into the game, but I am already excited and I can't wait for it to start raining!

Golf prank calls are no fun!

Have you ever been bothered by someone calling who simply hangs up, is pulling a prank or doesn't leave a message? I know I have many, many times! Now you can find out who is calling you with the website 50 state lookup who provide a fantastic Reverse Phone Lookup service. The website is easy to use and you can finally find the name and number of the parents of that kid that keeps pranking you.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

iGolf application for iPhone

I have well and truely joined the digital age with my latest purchase, an iPhone and I have been enjoying it so far! Today an application called iGolf was released which gives golf loving iPhone users another excuse to spend too much time with their phone.

This application is a virtual driving range. You can swing the phone like a golf club and see how far you hit the ball. Simple yet brilliant - just don't let go of the phone! You will find this application on the iTunes store and it is FREE!

Here is a little video of how it works:

The great debate

In Australia (where I live) there is great debate amongst the masses as to who are the better drivers. A survey of 2500 people was conducted and the results make quite interesting reading. You can take the survey and read the results via the following link Holden drivers vs Ford Drivers. I won't spoil it for you, but suffice to say that I am staying away from South Australia in the near future!

Rider Cup 2008 Predictions

This years rider cup is shaping up as a great battle and hopefully the actual event matches my enthusiasm.

The US Team
Although Tiger Woods has not quite been as dominant in team tournaments the US team will miss him. However, they still have a very strong team and should take a fair effort to beat.

The Euro Team
European golf is getting stronger all the time and with pride on the line I can see them mounting a good challenge, which on its day might just be enough to take out the title.

What do you think? Please leave a comment.

Vacations without golf

Starting tomorrow I am on vacation and I am pretty excited because for the first time in years my wife and I will be on vacation at the same time in the same place! One of our favorite places for a family vacation is New Jersey which holds a special place for us. There are plenty of things to do and see in New Jersey including some awesome theme parks like Morey's Piers which is the perfect family beach vacation. Send the kids off to one of the two water parks and amusement rides and take some time for yourself again - you probably deserve it!

It is a fun place where you can avoid the long amusement park rides and enjoy a laid back traditional sea side amusement park. For your accommodation needs morey's resorts have you covered with everything from beach front to affordable family wildwood hotels motels all of which can be found on their website. Another great thing about Morey's Piers is the great weekly specials they offer to visitors. Some example are the all-you-can-ride specials which feature quite frequently. If you are looking for your next vacation it is well worth checking out Morey's piers, after all they were voted as one of the best seaside parks in the world!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2009 Review

Available on almost every console known to man (xbox 360, PS3, PS2, Wii, PSP) Tiger Woods 2009 is the latest golf game in the EA sports series. In this video review you will find out if this years installment stacks up to the hype and offers significant new features to make you want to rush out and buy it. For what its worth I will be making the purchase on the wii as it is just so fun to play with the "real" swing.

Find that home on the golf course

Have you ever been looking for someone to do something around the house, plan an event or buy/sell a house and wondered how you can know if a company is any good? Fortunately there is a solution - clicksmart. This website offers certified experts in many areas - for example you might be looking for an orlando realtor and with this web site you can find a certified Orlando real estate agent in seconds. The site is simple to use and it is really easy to find exactly what you are looking for. Before you do anything else make sure you check out their website!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Golf Bloopers

It was a very slow day at work today so I spent the morning trolling through youtube clips that people had recommended I watch. One of the funniest videos I was sent was titled golf bloopers and is well worth watching if you like watching crazy things on the golf course.

I must admit to practicing my golf swing inside (without damaging anything fortunately), but I haven't personally seen anything like these on my local course. I would love to hear from anyone who has witnessed something a little strange on their course. Please leave a comment

Football Superstar

I know I have said it before, but I love sport! When I was younger I often complained that the sport based video games on computer were second rate compared with all the other types of games out there and for many years I was probably correct. These days you can pick up the latest copy of FIFA or Tiger Woods and it almost looks and plays better than the real thing. With the invention of the wii you can even swing the "club" like the real thing and if you have a slice in real life it translated into the game (unfortunately for me).

These lifelike games have been taken to a new level by a fantastic game called football superstars, which is an entire online world (called a massively multiplayer online game) in which you can create a virtual character to represent you. You can then train your players, play in games and simply explore the massive game environment! The best part about these MMOG type games is that every person you encounter in the game is a real person somewhere in the world. So you play as one footballer and if you pass the ball to another player that is a real person!

Just for the record the football I am talking about is also called soccer, but it is the most popular game in the world so there should be many players! If their website is anything to go by this game is going to be very professionally done. If you are interested in games make sure you check out their website!

Sponsored by Football Superstars