Thursday, March 6, 2008

Wii love golf

The Nintendo Wii was my present to my wife last year after she had a bad few weeks at her job and needed a pick me. Subsequently it has become one of the house favorites and it gets a lot of use. My favorite part of the wii is the golf games (of course) and bundled with the box is a sports game including... golf! This version is a little simple, but is still fun (and frustrating) enough to be worth playing a round or thousand. There are also two versions of Tiger Woods available and with the wii's motion sensing capabilities it really is a treat to play. It even picks up my slight slice from time to time.

Charter high speed internet for life are running a competition where you can win a Nintendo Wii simply when you pre-register for their high speed internet for life auction. You don't even need to bid on the auction just register, which seems pretty fair to me. I recommend you read their FAQ page and terms of conditions before you enter, but it is a very exciting opportunity. I will be signing up and if I win I will be giving the wii away to one of my readers. I can't imagine this will last of too long so if you are interested you can Click Here for a Chance to Win a Nintendo® Wii™!.

Good Luck!

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