Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Weight Loss

Although there have been some very successful larger golfers (Australia's own Craig Parry and crowd favorite and larrakin John Daly come to mind) most golfers try to keep themselves in pristine physical condition. However, at times, excess weight can become a problem and can even hinder your ability to play the game you love. In this situation there are a few options worth considering including lap band surgery.

Lap band is an adjustable band that is used on the upper part of the stomach to make you feel full quicker and eat less, which will help in losing weight. It may sound drastic, but obesity puts you at risk of heart disease, diabetes and hypertension, which means the rewards can outweigh the risks. According to the research lap band surgery it is much safer and less intrusive than gastric bypass surgery. It also has the added benefit of being completely removable. There are many lap band facilities available like the lap-band los angeles facility with qualified medical doctors and surgeons to answer all of your questions.

This is not medical advice always talk to a doctor before making any health decisions.

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