Friday, March 7, 2008

Golf Academy

Golf is no longer just a simple sport, it is a thriving industry where ordinary people can forge a career. Even if you aren't particularly good at the game, but have a passion, you will be able to find something to suit you. However, competition for positions in the industry is fierce and you really need to gain an edge over the competition with proper training.

The San Diego golf academy is a golf college where people train to get into the golf industry. Their curriculum is very strong and they provide an Associate Degree Program and a bachelor degree in golf course management. These types of courses are suited to anyone thinking about entering the golf industry. Their golf schools have a strong history of student success and can even claim the world record holder for the longest hole in one as one of their students.

Their site is really well designed and finding information about the school and their courses is really easy. You can apply online or simply ask for some more information. They also offer a free career guide, which would be worth having sent out for a read. If you are thinking about getting into a golf career then I would recommend paying a visit to their website.

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