Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Football and golf

These days it seems as though you can bet on almost all forms of sport including football, soccer, basketball, hockey, cricket and of course golf. It doesn't really get me excited, but many of my friends like to make the game more exciting by putting a dollar or two on their favorite team. They tell me it makes the watching that much better, but I just love sport and have never felt the need. However, the phenomenon doesn't look like stopping anytime soon.

If you are into having a punt now and then betfair have a very good online betting site that is used by millions worldwide (check your local regulations). Their site is really easy to use and they usually have an incentive type deal to encourage you to sign up. Through the website you can bet on many sports including soccer, cricket, horse racing and many more including football betting. They have a good forum to talk with others about sports and betting and each sub forum has heaps of discussion going on. The golf forum was an interesting read and most people think Tiger already has one arm in the green jacket. Like they say on their website "gaming can be harmful" so always remember to gamble responsibly.

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