Monday, March 24, 2008

Entrepreneurs and investors

Through my work I meet lots of Internet entrepreneurs and while many are successful some find it very hard to secure the funding they need for their projects. They may have some really good ideas, but just can't find the investors willing to take a risk on them.

Go4funding is a fantastic website that provides a place for entrepreneurs to find investors for their projects. Investors will also love this site as they can view hundreds of different ideas to invest in. This site is a fantastic idea (one I wish that I had) and should be very successful as well as being very helpful to investors and entrepreneurs. Currently the site has many projects listed in various categories ranging from arts and entertainment to travel. They also have sections for business ideas and finding an expert. A brand new forum has just launched, which should provide some very useful discussion for entrepreneurs and investors alike. If you are looking for Investment opportunities or are an entrepreneur looking for an investor I would recommend paying a visit to the site. It is completely free to use the site and list a project with no catch!

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