Monday, March 31, 2008

Boat Angel

I don't think there is anything more noble than helping your fellow man when things are tough. There are many great charities and organizations out there that do a great job and are worth supporting. One of these great charities is boatangel. Boatangel is a little bit different than the usual charity, they take boat donations and then sell these boats with the proceeds going to charity. This Boat Donation Charity is a fantastic idea and supports children's animations with a strong message and anti-drug documentaries. Boatangel also supports teen boys rehabilitation homes and provides uplifting books for the prisons. There are also plans to build another outreach center which will impact more lives for good.

It is great to see a innovative idea like this be put to such good use. Boat donations can be made all around the US so if you have a boat you no longer need and want to support a great charity take some time to visit their website.

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