Sunday, March 16, 2008

Find this golf blog with the carbon neutral search

Climate change, carbon neutral, carbon footprint are the buzzwords of the moment. It seems everyone is talking about them, making television shows about them as they gain popularity in the mainstream. Obviously there is a very serious side to these issues and thankfully people are starting to become aware of these. I came across another interesting idea designed to make a real difference in this area today called the carbon neutral search engine.

The climate neutral search engine aims to offset the carbon emissions created by web searches. They will offset a minimum of 300g per web search, which seems very fair considering the estimated carbon emission of each search query emitting a fraction of a gram of carbon. The carbon neutral search engine uses a google based custom search so the results should be of very good quality if not exactly the same as a normal google search. They also have a great carbon neutral search plug in for firefox and Internet Explorer. This allows you to make the carbon neutral search engine your default search and you can offset carbon with each search! With Climate Change becoming a focus this search engine is offering a fantastic service for our environment and all you have to do is search.

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