Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Skin protection

As golfers we spend a lot of time in the sun and this is not very good for our skin for two reasons. The radiation from the sun damages our skin and the sunscreen we use to protect us from this happening messes with the PH levels of our skin. This means that golfers (or anyone spending lots of time in the sun) should be using some form of moisturizer to counteract these effects.

Cetaphil make some of the worlds best moisturizers and for what it is worth is the brand I use after a day spent in the damaging sun. My wife was given a free trial from our local chemist and loved the stuff so I steal a bit of hers when she is not looking. However, Cetaphil don't just make moisturizers, they also have cleansers and cleansing bars. For people who spend time in the sun they also have a moisturizer with sunscreen, which is a great product! They have a really nifty little website where you can check out their product range and they even have a skin analysis tool. If you are worried about what all that time out in the sun is doing to your skin or just want some quality skin products then it would be worth paying a visit to their website.

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