Monday, March 3, 2008


It is pretty obvious that one of my passions in life is golf, but the other interest that takes up the rest of my time is my love of fishing. Forced to choose between the two it would make a very tough decision. I like to get away from it all - and a little cabin on a lake or river is my kind of holiday! There are many cabins available these days and this means that anyone can get away from it all for a few days.

Bighorn River Cabins offer some of the finest cabins I have ever seen. These montana cabin rentals come with all the modern amenities and even using the word cabin to describe them seems a little unfair (I swear they are bigger than my house!). They even include a 50 inch plasma TV with the NFL package which is my kind of "roughing it." Don't get too comfortable though as the best part about the cabin is its proximity to the Bighorn River where you can fly fish until your heart is content. When fly fishing montana you can even hire a guide to help you catch one of the rivers many trout. There is so much more to mention, but if you are interested in montana vacation rentals and fly fishing the mighty bighorn river I suggest you visit their website.

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