Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Be careful on those golf carts

This is another strange golfing related story I thought I would share:

Police say a Glastonbury woman is on life support after falling off a golf cart after leaving a Super Bowl party in Florida.

A spokeswoman for the Palm Beach Country Sheriff’s Office says 43-year-old Audrey Hanrahan apparently lost her balance when she stood up to wipe something off the windshield. She fell and suffered severe head injuries.

The spokeswoman says the accident happened in Wellington, Fla., as Hanrahan was leaving a restaurant with Christine and Jonathan McCrea of Wellington. Christine McCrea was driving.

The spokeswoman says the sheriff’s office is investigating whether alcohol or drugs were involved.


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Anonymous said...

Just to be clear it was a gas powered golf cart, not the typical ones you see on a course - or at least not the ones I usually see on a course. This changes things quite a bit because these vehicles are even more dangerous.