Thursday, February 28, 2008

Accidents will happen

You could say there is an atmosphere of law in the air these days. People are always complaining to me that "everyone sues everyone these days." While this seems to be the case I am still of the opinion that people who are victims of accidents should be entitled to compensation to cover their medical bills and other losses. Now this doesn't mean I like to hear about people and million dollar lawsuits over hot coffee, but I do think people have the right to make Accident Claims where appropriate. I always tell people to remember that most people don't get millions of dollars in an accident claim, but it is those claims you hear about sensationalized in the media.

I have never made such a claim, but have many friends that have and they are certainly not instant millionaires. Most have simply been given their medical expenses back to them. Key point claims is a legal service offering accident compensation claims for injuries that were not your fault or for industrial related health problems (like asbestoses). I found their website to be very professional and well designed and if you have been injured in an accident or at work then it might be worth having a visit.

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