Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Electric Shavers

I know it sounds vain, but before I walk onto the golf course for a club championship I like to be clean shaven and look my best. Maybe I think that I can intimidate my playing partners or something :-) Seriously though I don't feel quite right in the morning until I have used one of my electric shavers.

If you are trying to decide between one of the many electric shavers out there it is a good idea to take a look at consumer reviews of the available shavers. The website Wize is designed with the customer in mind. It lists literally thousands of products in all different categories and customers can rate their purchases. This means that anyone can visit the wize website and find out what other people are saying about a product, whether it is good or a complete lemon that you should avoid. Each product is also given a "wizerank," which is made up from expert and consumer reviews and is a score out of 100 that works like this:

  • 90-100 Buy with confidence
  • 75-89 Might meet your needs
  • 50-74 Proceed with caution
  • 0-49 Not Recommended
You will find products in all the major categories like electronics, video games, health and beauty and much more. I would guess that they have more than ten thousand products listed. Their electric shavers section alone lists over 250 products with ratings from current users of the product and experts. This website really is a must visit before any major purchases. If you are looking for an electric shaver or anything else that you want to check out before purchasing then it is worth taking a look around their website.

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