Thursday, February 28, 2008

Social Network for golfers

Social networks are the big thing on the Internet at the moment and by the looks of it they will remain the big thing for some time. It seems a new myspace or facebook is popping up all the time and the biggest sites just keep getting stronger. Today I came across Stracka A Social Network for Golfers that looks the goods.

Stracka offers many features and services that golfers will find interesting and down right useful. They provide interactive yardage maps together with course information for many popular courses which include flyover tours. I can see this service being very popular and I would use it before playing an unfamiliar course. Some courses even have a Stracka line guide included which provides a 3D topographical map of each green so you will know what you are up against before you even step foot on the course. This truly is amazing technology!

Also included when you sign up is the service where you an post your scores and maintain your handicap. As it is a social networking site you will have the added benefit of access from any computer on the Internet. There are also forums where you an discuss the latest in golf, courses or your game and as the community grows this will become a very strong part of this site.

The features and services of this site make it a very worthwhile visit, however the best part about Stracka A Social Network for Golfers is that it is absolutely free to sign up - Amazing!

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a better site that does much more detailed tracking and everything stracka does is