Friday, January 11, 2008

Holidays - (the ultimate golf blog returns in one week)

Well that time of the year has come again - I am going on holidays. I will be back in a week, but if you really need an ultimate golf blog fix then I am going to leave you with the most popular posts of 2007.

1. FedEx Cup Explained
The most popular post of 2007 (by a long way) was my Fedex Cup explained post - I guess that makes sense because no one could work out how it all worked and when they did it still didn't make much sense. This post had over 200 visitors in one day alone!

2. Tiger Woods PGA Tour video review
There must be a few Tiger Woods video games fans out there because this happens to be the second most popular post.

3. Q School 2008
I was late with the info got some of it wrong and forgot to name the post something memorable, but this post just kept getting visitors.

4. Preview Target World Challenge
I don't have any idea why this is 4th maybe you all really love this tournament?

5. Equipment review maxfli noodle long and soft
It makes sense that this is high up on the list. People seem to be searching for reviews of golf stuff everywhere.

5. Ben Hogans Golf Tips
Equal 5th this little post took off and ranks second for time spent reading/watching.

I look forward to being back with you in a week.

If you have a favorite or memorable post please leave a comment

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