Thursday, August 23, 2007

FedEx Cup Explained

Well the first round of the FedEx cup was played today and while Tiger wasn't playing there were still many formidable golfers plying their trades.

I thought that today would be the perfect day to go over the FedEx cup rules and structure for all those clueless people (including me) asking the question fedex what...?

Each PGA tour event from the Mercedes-Benz Championship (January 4-7, 2007) to the Wyndham Championship (August 16-19, 2007), PGA Tour players can earn points in each event they play. Most PGA Tour events in 2007 have carried a total of 25,000 FedEx Cup points spread between the winner and those finishing in 70th position in each event.

At the completion of last week’s Wyndham Championship, the leading point scorer (Tiger), had his points reset to 100,000 with the last player in the FedEx Cup race (144) starting with 84,700. This is designed to bring the field much closer together so the lower ranked players can still make the following events if they have a very good tournament (and so that someone can theoretically beat Tiger or at least get close).

The ultimate goal is to be one of the top 144 points holders to get a starting place at the Barclays tournament (the first event of the FedEx Cup).

Playoff events
1. The Barclays - Top 144 points leaders (at the end of the season)

  • 50000 points on offer (Position 1-85)
  • winner 9000 points
2. Deutsche Bank Championship - Top 120 points leaders (after the Barclays)
  • 50000 points on offer (Position 1-85)
  • Winner 9000
3. BMW Championship - Top 70 points leaders (after the Deutsche Bank Championship)
  • 50000 points on offer (Position 1-70)
  • Winner 9000
4. The tour Championship - Top 30 points leaders (after the BMW Championship)
  • 50000 points on offer
  • Winner 10300
  • last place 395
Prize Money

There is no doubt that the prize money for the FedEx Cup is huge, but there is a catch. Players are only eligible to receive their money after they reach 45. They may invest this money up until then and can defer payment until they turn sixty (something about reducing tax I am sure). The money is paid in payments over 5 years. It is probably best described as superannuation for golfers.
The prize money list:
Position Amount Position Amount
1 $10,000,000 31 $165,000
2 3,000,000 32 155,000
3 2,000,000 33 150,000
4 1,500,000 34 145,000
5 1,000,000 35 142,000
6 800,000 36 140,000
7 700,000 37 138,000
8 600,000 38 137,000
9 550,000 39 136,000
10 500,000 40 135,000
11 300,000 41 134,000
12 290,000 42 133,000
13 280,000 43 132,000
14 270,000 44 131,000
15 250,000 45 130,000
16 245,000 46 129,000
17 240,000 47 128,000
18 235,000 48 127,000
19 230,000 49 126,000
20 225,000 50 125,000
21 220,000 51 120,000
22 215,000 52 115,000
23 210,000 53 114,000
24 205,000 54 113,000
25 200,000 55-70 110,000
26 195,000 71-80 80,000
27 190,000 81-100 75,000
28 185,000 101-125 70,000
29 180,000 126-150 32,000
30 175,000

TOTAL $35,000,000

Note: There is still prize money awarded for the individual tournaments that is separate to this. That money is received in the normal way.

I hope that clears a few things up for anyone that is confused. I am certainly glad I wrote this as I am now much clearer on how it all works!

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