Thursday, January 3, 2008

Stuart Appleby Swing Vision Video Analysis

There is no hiding my admiration for this guy. I think he is a great guy who happens to be a decent golfer as well. I thought it was appropriate to post Stuart's swing vision analysis for my readers today on the morning of the Mercedes-Benz Championship because he has won the tournament 3 times. Why this early season form has never really followed him around has surprised me, but when it all comes together it is great to watch.

As for the swing vision itself it is one of the cleanest swings I have seen and even though the video is short I have picked up something to try at the range this week. Enjoy.


John said...

Stuart really does have one of the most athletic swings on tour. It's no wonder why he just crushes the ball. I like how the video shows how on plane he is through the hitting area, although I'm sure he didn't develop his swing by looking at the lines on the video!

Golf Swing Dynamics

Tom said...

Thanks for the comment John. Great site you have too.


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