Sunday, December 16, 2007

A comparison between carts and a caddie

This little piece of golf humor was written by Dick Haskell from Massachusetts.



Has name. will respond

Just sits there

Will signal and wave

Doesn’t understand

Moves out ahead

Always with you

Holds flagstick

Can’t go near the green

Hands you a club

You get it yourself

Weighs 65-100kg, no tracks

Weighs 340kg, makes ruts

Will caddie rain, hail or shine

Barred in bad weather

Finds your ball

Never even looks

Wipes your clubs

Bangs your clubs

Tires but never stops

Runs out of juice, quits

Can judge distance

Blind as a bat

Says “nice shot”

Has no interest

Cleans your ball

Couldn’t care less

Rakes bunkers

Watches you do it

If you can think of any more drop me a comment

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