Saturday, December 1, 2007

Escali Digital Scales

It was a sad day when my old man couldn't get around the golf course with me - I will never forget the pained look on his face at the 13th hole while I was sure he was going to have a heart attack. We stood there for a moment thinking the same thing, but saying nothing - he needed to go on a diet!

The first step in any diet is buying a scale. These days digital is the way to go and Escali digital scales really are some of the best digital scales available. As well as being great scales they are becoming a highly fashionable bathroom accessory. However, this does not mean they are expensive to own - they are very affordable.

These days the best place to buy scales is online as many of the department stores stock inferior models. Scalesetc is a great online scales site and their website is not only well designed, but very easy to use. Their prices are very reasonable and you can buy online with a credit card via their secure server - it's just too easy. If you are looking for bathroom scales then a visit to scalesetc is recommended.

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