Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Better Caring

At some point in most of our lives we will either care for someone or need caring for ourselves. It can at times be a thankless and lonely task, but there is help out there for carers. With the world wide web you are not alone.

Bettercaring is a fantastic website with many kinds of information about caring including four very helpful sections; care at home, residential care, health matters and finance. There is also a really useful discussion forum where carers can talk with each other about their struggles, ask questions and get some helpful advice from people going through the same issues. With bettercare you can also search for care options, including care homes , so that you can choose the right kind of care for your loved one. There is also daily caring news, with stories about medication, care homes and news story from around the caring world.

The site itself is really well designed and easy to navigate. I found it really easy to find everything on the site and I can imagine spending some real time there when I have someone to care for. If you are caring for someone or are planning for the future you really should check out the bettercaring website.

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