Thursday, December 6, 2007

Air Ambulance

I remember visiting the air ambulance (called flying doctors) base in Australia as a kid and being fascinated. Air ambulance services are essential for countries with wide open spaces like Australia and the USA, where some people in remote places may be days away from a hospital by road. I personally know someone who lived on a remote property that was saved by an Air ambulance so I can not speak highly enough of the services they offer.

Airambulance have a great website that has fantastic information about the services offered by the Air Ambulance. Air Ambulance is available in 50 states and each state has its own section of the website to read about the services offered. You can also read about the medical treatment available on the Air Ambulance, what happens when you are in the air, the types of aircraft they use (including pictures), all about the company and the phone number or form for contact. If you are in serious need of an air ambulance domestic service they have a dispatch number available 24 hours 7 days a week.

Air ambulance services do an amazing job and they can literally be lifesavers in remote regions. If you are interested in the air ambulance services I would recommend visiting their website.

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