Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hair Transplants

I remember when my old man started to lose his hair. It was a big thing for him and he looked into all the regular options like hair replacement drugs (and wearing a hat). Luciky for everyone today there is a relatively new treatment available that actually replaces the hair via a transplant. Many famous athletes in Australia have been promoting this technique for the last few years and it seems to have worked really well for them.

Dr. Shapiro is a Florida hair transplant doctor who has had some of great success with his hair transplant patients. His service is very personal as he meets with clients individually to talk about your needs. He explains what will happen and you also get to meet some of his previous clients so you can see how his work looks as a finished product. He works with both female and male hair loss and from the photos and testimonials has done some fantastic work.

His website is very professional and is very easy to navigate. It contains some very useful information about his procedure as well as things to avoid when choosing a hair transplant doctor. He also has a little video that is worth watching to show you some of his success stories. The site also has a great question and answers section to read answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. If you are interested in the Hair Transplant procedure then I definitely recommend giving the Dr. Sharpiro Website a visit!

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