Monday, December 10, 2007

Sports Picks

Picking winners of sporting contests is a popular form of entertainment in many countries. Here in Australia we enter tipping competitions to try and win a few dollars by picking the winners of our favorite sports. There are some great sites on the Internet that give you rewards or even money for picking sports and the best of these sites are absolutely free to join!

Pheonix Sports have a fantastic (and free) sports contest picks game where you can win up to $10000 with a streak of 17 correct picks. Signing up is easy and once I was logged on I could pick from various sports including NBA, NCAAB, NHL and Soccer. When you get a pick correct you get 1 point, but when you lose a pick your streak ends and you have to start again from zero. They have prizes starting at 4 correct picks in a streak. As well as being a sports pick website it also functions as a social network and this type of system is easy, fun and I could see myself spending quite some time on this website! It's fun and absolutely free so it is worth checking out!

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