Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Golf drug testing is put on hold

Anti-doping bosses have backed the Open's organisers over the decision to delay introducing drugs tests, but want golf to go further in policing itself.

The R&A had to scrap plans to screen every player this year as some tours have not implemented drugs policies.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) agreed with the R&A's decision but warned the sport against complacency.

"No sport is immune to doping and anti-doping measures protect the game's integrity," a Wada spokesman said.

"It would be helpful for all golfers if each of the tours had the same rules, the same prohibited list and the same education activities.

"We expect the players themselves will see the sense in such harmony and look forward to its development."

The R&A had hoped the 2008 Open would be the first major to implement drugs tests but was forced to postpone them until 2009 when it realised players from tours without adequate doping education programmes had already qualified.

Drug testing on the PGA and European Tours, world golf's two richest circuits, starts in July. But the Asian, Australian and South African tours - who have all already held Open qualification events - have not yet agreed their anti-doping plans...

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