Sunday, April 6, 2008

Shopping comparison

I love shopping online, you could almost call it an addiction. I shop online for all kinds of things, but electronics and golf stuff are right at the top of my list. The only thing better than the shopping online itself, is discovering that I have made a good saving over the regular store price. Every time I shop online, without fail, I use an online shopping comparison website. To put it simply these websites collect prices from all over the Internet and provide you with the very best price available so you don't have to spend the time trawling the different online shops to find it. is one of the newer shopping comparison sites I have stumbled across and they have a great range of stores and categories to compare prices in. Having a gadget addiction means that I was drawn to their categories for computers and if you dig a little deeper you can even find categories for each individual component, accessories and more. If you know exactly what you are looking for then simply type it in the search box and you will be presented with the different online stores selling the product and the best price available - brilliant! If you are wanting to make a shopping comparison or two then check out their website you wont be disappointed.


Comparison Shopping said...

Very nice. I too always use a shopping comparison site before I buy anything. They save me a lot of time and I feel cmore comfortable making a purchase after I check there site. Digxa looks good as well.

golfwedgesonline said...

I always search ebay, as long as you check the sellers feedback. A lot of the sellers are golf shop owners anyway and so you can find some real good prices. I just find what I'm after in the big golf stores,try it out and then go to ebay.