Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Break the vault

I am often found on the Internet playing the odd flash game when I have nothing else to do at work or am waiting for a conference call or a client to arrive. It can be a really good distraction and the little games can be quite addictive.

Recently I have discovered break the vault which not only allows you to participate in games and contests, but if you solve the game you win cash prizes! They launch a new contest each week with varying difficulty levels and each registered member can have unlimited amount of guesses to solve the puzzle. There are many games available and if you win you can expect a paypal payment or check with your winnings. Check their terms and conditions for the complete details. The site is really easy to use and signing up and playing the contests is a breeze. If you are interested in online contests and also be eligible to win a bit of money then I would recommend paying a visit to break the vault!

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