Thursday, May 1, 2008

CD rates

Saving money was drilled into me as a kid and my parents made sure I learned the value of a dollar from an early age. Since I was young I have had a good part of my savings in a high interest certificate of deposit (CD) account earning interest. CD accounts are offered by major banks and financial institutions and pay you interest for your money you deposit and that money is locked down for a specific amount of time (that you choose). Basically, the longer the term you deposit your money for the higher the interest rate and your money makes money!

I know this all sounds great, but the problem is that there is so many of these accounts offered by many different financial institutions and the rates can vary up to a whole percent or two. Fortunately, there are some fantastic sites like that collects all of the information and provides an overview of the current CD rates and where they are being offered. They also offer information on the latest savings rates and checking rates. With this information you can find the best places to invest your money with federally insured banks and credit unions. If you have some money to save or would like to start I would recommend a visit to their website!


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