Friday, April 11, 2008

Consider a career in golf

Golf is a fantastic sport, makes great exercise and is one of the highest participation sports in the world. Golf can also make a fantastic career choice and there are many people making their living from the game they love. However, finding a job in the golf industry can be difficult as it is a competitive area and completing appropriate training can help you gain an advantage on the competition.

The San Diego Golf Academy (SDGA) is a renowned golf college that has an excellent curriculum to prepare you for a rewarding golf career. They offer a two year associate degree program and even allow students to complete a bachelors degree in golf through a partnership with Virginia College. The graduation rate of the academy is over 85% and the academy boasts over 90% placement rate. Many of the students who complete studies with the San Diego Golf Academy are either recruited directly from the academy or find a job within 3 months of completing their course. Their website is very easy to use and you will find heaps of information and you are even able to apply online. If you are interested in a career in golf and are looking for one of the best golf schools available then it is worth paying a visit to the SDGA website.

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