Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Your IP address follows you wherever you go on the Internet and is an important part of all networking setups. There are some situations where you may need to know your IP address, change your IP address or want to hide it from prying eyes. Some of the best IP address tools can be found at the website

This tool does what it says it does and tells you what your current IP address is. This is useful to know if you are playing games online or to allow remote access to your computer.

IP Lookup
This great tool allows you to search an IP address and find information about that IP address including; geographical location, country, state and city, postal code, area code, Latitude and Longitude and a visible map of the location.

Trace Email
This tool allows you to trace the IP address of an email that you have received based on the header information.

Blacklist Check
This tool checks to see if your IP address is listed with any anti spam databases which will show you if your emails will be intercepted by anti spam filters

Other IP address tools
IP Traceroute - This tool can provide a general location of an IP
Visual Traceroute - This tool provides a traceroute with a visual representation (map)
IP to Hostname lookup - Find the hostname of an IP address
Hostname to IP lookup - Check the IP address of a hostname (ie.
Advanced proxy check - If you use a proxy server this tool checks to see if you are exposing your sensitive information

The site also contains great information about IP addresses including changing your IP address and hiding your ip address. Whether you are performing a simple lookup ip or want to learn more about hiding or changing your ip address then I would recommend a visit to the website.

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