Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Golf Prodigy of the week #3

This weeks golf prodigy comes from Pennsylvanian 4 year old Louis Teachout. The video was made when he was 2, 3 and 4 years old and it really shows the development of his golf swing even at that young age. Like most other golf prodigy's this kid has a sweet, yet seemingly natural, golf swing. The first section of the video when he hits one golf ball after another is truly amazing and his putting later in the video is just as good. Most golf professionals now recommend that most kids should be spending more time on their putting than any other area as it is how championships are won (just watch Tiger some time!) Enjoy the video and watch out for this kid in the future. I am sure he will be playing off scratch in no time (I am just going to find a tissue to wipe my tears away!)

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Anonymous said...

wow what a swing wonder if this guy is in my family tree im Rob Teachout from Upton, Massachusetts didnt become scratch till i was 21 after 11 yrs of play. keep up the good work louis make Teachout become a known name because i failed!!!!!!!!!!!!!putt for dough drive for show