Friday, September 21, 2007

Golf - anti doping / drugs policy

Well it has finally happened the many golfing organisations have agreed on an anti doping or performance enhancing drugs policy, well in principle anyway.

The first phase of the policy will encompass the actual development of the prohibited substances list and subsidiary policies.

The second phase will see the creation of the general standards for the anti doping program.

The anti-doping office of the world golf association will open in 2008. They will control the part of the policy which still allows for players to use controlled substances for medical and therapeutic reasons. They will also hand out penalties for breaching the new code.

There has also been a large emphasis placed on educating the players.

The major golfing organisations that have agreed to the policy include:

  • Augusta National Golf Club
  • European Tour
  • Ladies Professional Golf Association
  • PGA of America
  • The R&A for The Open Championship
  • United States Golf Association for the U.S. Open, the U.S. Women's Open and the U.S. Senior Open
  • Asian Tour
  • Australasian Tour
  • Canadian Tour
  • Japan Professional Golf Tour
  • Sunshine Tour
  • Tour de Las Americas
Overall I think this is long overdue and I think that this can only be good for the game. I doubt that many golfers are using drugs, but this will make sure the sport is relatively clean.
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BetterGolf said...

Anti-doping in golf seems so strange!

Tom said...

You are correct about that, but I still think it is very important. I was recently reminded that performance enhancing drugs are not just for strength, but can be used to calm nerves (beta-blockers), which might be an unfair advantage in a sport like golf.