Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Smorty Review

I have recently joined smorty a site that bloggers can use to get paid for blogging. Advertisers can also use smorty to buy blog advertising.

It is very easy to use and if you already have a blog that is a few months old and is cached in google then you can try signing up to see if your blog is accepted. If your blog is accepted you can start accepting offers from advertisers to write a little review of their site/product. Before you accept an offer you can read a simple brief of what you are required to do and visit the advertisers website. Once you accept you have 3 days to write the review and submit it to smorty for approval. After 5 day your post will approved (if you have followed all of the guidelines) and you will be paid.

Unlike some of the other sites I have tried new offers seem to occur regularly, but you need to be quick to snap up the offer.

Overall it is a great site and it is very easy - simply follow the link to get paid for blogging

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