Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Golf's ultimate fight - PGA Tour Versus European Tour

I have been on holiday the last week so I am sorry for the lack of updates - some people have all the luck right!

PGA Tour Versus European Tour
The PGA tour and the European Tour have been fighting for golf supremacy for years. The PGA tour has always been the more glamorous and offered the most money, but does that make it the best?

Last week former Australian professional Brett Ogle created some controversy when he told viewers of an Australian cable television golf show that the European Tour was "about 2 shots behind the US tour." Ogle's opinion was brought to the attention of the commentators during the Dunhill Links Championship and they were most displeased with his comments as they believed that many of the European Tour events were very close if not equal to the US tour. They argued that because they had 7 of the worlds tops 20 golfers then the event was likely to be just as strong as a US tour event and that the different types of courses on each tour make it much closer than many people think.

Considering Ogle has played, and won, on both tours he should have some insight into the matter. There are certainly some great golfers playing on both tours. What I want to know is what you, the glf watching public, think about the two tours. Is one clearly above the other or are they very similar?

If you have an opinion on this issue I would love to hear it. Feel free to leave a comment and I will try to respond to everyone.

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