Monday, October 29, 2007

Golf News: Chopra wins for the first time on the US tour

Swede Daniel Chopra has captured his first win on the US tour in a weather delayed final round at the Ginn Classic. Chopra had to wait overnight to play his final three holes, but held on well to take out the 4.5 million dollar tournament. He later told reporters that he played those three holes over and over in his head the night before.

"I was wound up pretty tight last night," Chopra said. "I came up this morning after a good night's sleep and I mentioned to my wife, 'Wow, it's amazing how much more relaxed I feel today.'

"I kind of let it all kind of sink in and put it into perspective. I thought, 'What is the absolute worst that can happen? I'll finish third, which is one (heck) of a great tournament.' I would have taken it in the beginning of the week."

A great attitude from a worthy winner!

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