Thursday, May 1, 2008

Resession hurting golf and the sponsors

A visitor to this week's Wachovia Championship in Charlotte might notice the opulence that envelops the Quail Hollow Club, one of the reasons this is among the PGA Tour's most popular stops.

Each and every one of the corporate skyboxes that surround various holes is sold out, giving those companies that purchased them the opportunity to wine and dine clients, employees and friends. The tournament has become so successful in its sixth year that high-end seating was added behind the 16th green and 17th tee. Regular tickets sold out months ago.

A few days spent watching golf in North Carolina would never lead to the conclusion that the country borders on recession, gas prices have hit all-time highs and the American economy is suffering.

But golf is certainly not above such issues, even if everything looks perfect at Quail Hollow...

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Golf Driving Tips said...

Golf has always been a rich mans sport and it looks like things haven't changed.