Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Golf prodigy of the week - Amazing video

Week 1
Every week (or so) I hope to include a new clip of a young golfer with incredible talent. Although it will still take some very hard work, the right golf equipment and a pinch of luck to make it big these kids have a great head start - Natural Talent!
Some of these kids hit the golf ball better than people who have been playing for years and seem to have that perfect balance and swing with a golf club.

So are these kids the next Tiger Woods...?
I think most of us have probably seen early video of Tiger Woods and whilst these kids might not make it that far they are certainly showing great promise. Not all of them can (or will want to) be the next Tiger, but the chances are at least some of these golfers I will feature will make it big time

First up week 1 - Tyler Stock
This video is hosted on youtube

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow...he got the talent and future...like tiger woods