Sunday, June 1, 2008


When I was younger I was a bit of a surfer and I loved going down to the beach for an early morning surf. Living in a place called surfers paradise made it very easy indeed. I have tried all kinds of surfing including longboard surfing and body boarding. The longboard is a very cool style of surfing and the boards themselves can be up to 14 foot long. Longboards are great for beginners because they are very stable and great for catching waves, but advanced surfers can also have great fun with a longboard. I learned to surf on a longboard and graduated to a shorter board once I was confident in what I was doing and this is a popular method.

If you are looking for a surfboard or longboard one of the best places to purchase them online is They have a very good range of quality products to suit every budget and they come with a full 100% satisfaction guarantee. They have many types of surfboards for sale and you will be able to find longboards, shortboards, soft surfboards and more. It is also worth checking out their clearance sale for a good bargain. The site is 100% secured and is a verified Authorize.Net merchant so you can shop in confidence. There are many payment options including all the major credit cards and google checkout. The site is really well designed, easy to navigate and is a pleasure to use.

The site also contains some fantastic informative articles that are very helpful to a beginner or more advanced surfer. They cover areas such as choosing a surfboard, what size do i need, boarding terminology, board buying guide and more. These are certainly worth a read before deciding on the right board for you. If you are looking to buy surfboards then I would recommend a visit to their website.

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