Thursday, June 5, 2008

College Sports

College sports are a big deal and as an athlete getting into the college of your choice is even bigger. One of the best things you can do to increase your chances is to network with other athletes and others in the know and get yourself known. This used to be a difficult task (especially if you lived in a little town), but has been made much easier with the advent of the Internet and in particular social networking.

SportsGist is a college and high school sports social network that offers a bunch of great features for future college students, parents or simply college sports fans. As a member you can upload video or photos, discuss relevant topics on the forum, write a blog, make contact with other athletes and much more. The site also offers tips and tools for College Recruiting including information for parents.

The site makes it very easy to complete a detailed profile that contains all of the relevant information that a coach is looking for when recruiting. This will help to promote yourself and hopefully get you noticed by a college recruiter. It also pays to contact schools you are interested in and include a College recruiting video with your letter of interest. If you are interested in high school and college sports, want to watch High school sports live or just want to network with other athletes I would recommend visiting their website

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