Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Why I Take a Golfing Holiday Each Year

Every year I visit the city of Melbourne in Australia for one reason, to play golf. Although this sounds like an odd place to visit I also have relatives there so I can pretend as if I am there to see them. Melbourne has some fine sand belt golf courses that require more than brute force to master, which is perfect for a short hitter like me. Most courses are open to the public and are the green fees are quite reasonable. There are literally hundreds of courses within a few hundred kilometres of the city, which means that I can play a different one each year.

Some of my friends have been known to visit other exotic golfing locations, such as Thailand or Hawaii. Their stories about these far away lands had me intrigued and I am planning on joining a group of friends for a golf break in Thailand later next year. I'm sure my family in Melbourne will miss my visit, but less family time means more golf! One place I have always wanted to visit is St. Andrews. Not only because it is the home of golf, but because my childhood idol Peter Thomson won his second Open Championship there. The best thing about visiting the United Kingdom is that there are hundreds of courses I would love to play. If Thailand is a success maybe I'll research golf breaks UK for 2013! Let me know in the comments your favourite golfing holiday destination.

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