Monday, July 28, 2008

A career outside of golf

When I am not on the golf course hacking away at the nearest tree I work for a living in the booming area of information technology. More specifically repairing computers and setting up small home and office networks. Like most people in the field I received first class training to get into this career and since making the decision to enter the area I have never looked back. My training was provided by my employer and I am forever in debt to them for putting me through a great certification program (even if I didn't like doing exams!) The best part about being in the IT area is that with more training I can offer even more to my employer and clients (and hopefully get a pay rise) such as in the area of network security.

Cisco offers some of the top IT certification programs available with areas like network security, routing and switching, storage networking, design, service provider and voice. Cisco certification offers three different levels of IT certification (associate, professional and expert), which are suitable for many different career paths possible in the industry. They have a great online support center and learning network to support those completing the courses. The courses are well recognized worldwide and they are a fantastic leg up into the IT industry. The courses themselves look very strong and I personally like the fact that their courses are quite focused and I have found this leads to a better knowledge than a general IT course. If you are interested in a career in this industry I can highly recommend a visit to their website.

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